What to Know about Speech Disorder: Cause, Effect and Healing

Every day we use language to communicate, express and share our ideas, thoughts, emotions, and feelings to our surrounding people. Disordered speech prevents us from carrying the messages correctly. Indeed, it is a problematic situation for those people suffering the disorder. It may occur at any time and without any specific reason ranging from a minor to an adult. Usually physical impairments, hearing loss, excessive drug abuse, brain or physical injury, etc. are responsible for the problem.

Naturally, speech development in a child occurs within 48 months after its birth. The process may be a bit slower in some cases. The kid may have problems with articulating muscles to utter sounds, or cannot coordinate the articulation orders. All these symptoms will disappear by the fourth year of the child. But a total failure to produce meaningful sentences after the age should be considered as a speech disorder.

In cases of adults, it may happen at any time without any prior notification.

There are several types of speech disorders such as stammering, cluttering, voice disorders, muteness and much more. All these problems cause a common trouble, difficulty in producing sounds or sentences. Muteness is another form of this disorder and refers to the inability to speak at all. People suffering from such problems cannot articulate speeches or just fail to apprehend the meaning of what they learn. It also can cause phonemic and phonetic difficulties during a conversation. They may jumble words or sentences while speaking.


The problem does not have any specific reason, and the degree may vary in characters. Fortunately, it is not like other fatal diseases taking the tolls of human lives. It might happen due to:

* Impaired speech organs: There is some sound articulating muscles inside our throat such as teeth, vellum, glottis, lips, tongue, etc. Any impairment of these may cause speech disorder

* Brain malfunction: We use the brain to realise the speeches we attend and deliver. Besides, the mind moves our limbs during a conversation. In a word, the brain controls every movement of a body. A damaged or malfunctioned brain reduces the ability to understand language or sound.

* Hearing Loss: It is another reason for a speech disorder. People having the problem will suffer from speech impairment. Mostly the deaf people cannot hear what and they become unfamiliar with sound and sentences. Thus, they cannot produce any meaningful statements.

The impacts of speech disorder are far reaching in our life. It reduces the social communication ability of a person and makes him/her weak psychologically. Most often people suffer from inferiority complex having long-term effects on them. However, the worst impact of the disorder is leading people to suicide.


There is no standard way to prevent speech disorder. Consult an Adelaide speech therapist whenever you notice your child is missing speeches continuously. It can save the kid from suffering a long-term speech disorder in his/ her life. The treatment for speech disorder is not an expensive one, and some of the cases it needs no treatment at all. Speech therapy, right medical attention, special educational programs – are some of the treating measures to solve the problem.