What Makes Fixie Bike Popular

These days, we are all part of what is known as the bike culture. Everywhere you look, you’ll see bike lanes filled with avid cyclists in varying shapes and sizes commuting to and from work. In the old days, bikes were merely machines that took you from point A to point B, a swifter means of transportation than walking but bikes today have become more than that.

Bikes, particularly fixies, also used to be toys kids and pre-teens played with, a means they used to go to friends’ houses to hang out and at some point, it even became a status symbol. In heavily-populated cities around the world, the bike serves as an excellent alternative to driving since it allows you to zip through any traffic jam and lets you arrive for work on time, albeit with wind-blown hair along with mildly crumpled clothes. For eco-warriors, the bike is the best alternative to gas-guzzling cars that spew pollutants like it was dispensing candy.

For health enthusiasts, the fixie is also another means to get their adrenalin pumping, a cheaper alternative to paying a lifetime membership fee at the gym. Many people find fixie challenging due to the commitment and discipline it demands, as well as the sense of adventure that it brings when you ride it.

Riding a fixie means you can’t drift, you can’t rest, so the benefits as far as muscle building and weight loss are concerned, are substantial enough to make any beginner want to give it a try. It is not for the weak of heart and is perfect for anyone who is into adventure and adrenalin rush. Once you ride a fixie, you can’t stop and stopping is itself quite an art because you’ll need to shift your weight to the front wheel, lock your knees to absorb the momentum then skitter to a stop in a somewhat controlled fashion. Not everybody can do this without looking as if they’re about to fall off the bike but once you get the hang of it, watching you perform the perfect “stoppie” is just like magic.

Fashion has also made its presence felt with the fixie, with more and more riders customising their bikes to suit their tastes, matching it with their outfits or accessories. Biking Apparel has also become quite a hit with the in-crowd as more and more people began to reach for spandex to show off those toned physiques. Charity events are no longer limited to marathons and triathlons – they also coordinate bikathons as well.

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