Weighted Blanket Benefits You Should Know

Most people cannot sleep without a blanket. There is something about the humble and unassuming blanket or sheet that makes you feel comfortable and secure. It is the one thing in bed that many people can’t afford to get rid of; even if the room temperature is high, some people still choose to be wrapped in a blanket.

With the increasing popularity of a weighted blanket, you are getting more than what you expect from the usual function of a conventional sheet. Weighted blankets, as the term suggests, are unique since they come equipped with added weight to replicate the concept of deep touch pressure. The benefits of weighted blankets include the following:

  1. It helps people eliminate anxiety.

If you are too exhausted from work, weighted blankets can help to relax your nerves and reduce the stress level in your body. No matter how old you are, the weighted blanket is the safest way to keep your body and mind at ease. In fact, according to study, almost two-thirds of the participants who have anxiety claimed that wrapping their selves with a 30-pound weighted blanket helps to reduce the anxiety they feel.

Furthermore, weighted blankets are not only useful at home, but it is also effective for high-stress events like visiting a dentist. According to the study, a weighted blanket produces physiological changes in dental patient’s nervous systems making them calm before proceeding to their appointment. Accordingly, this will bring back the excellent quality of your life.

  1. It can fight insomnia, too.

A weighted blanket also is valuable when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep because there is evidence that showcases people who underwent tests to show how they managed to sleep better with it. Based on studies conducted on people with insomnia, weighted blankets effortlessly help all of them to sleep at night without any distractions giving them lesser restlessness whenever they sleep at night. Plus, it is now easy for them to sleep!

People with insomnia who uses weighted blanket tend to fall asleep much easier and longer now because the blanket provides a soothing feeling that generates a more comfortable environment. Weighted blankets imitate the feeling of being swaddled tightly in bed providing a sense of connection, warmth and safety.

  1. Weighted blankets trigger the release of positive hormones.

Because of the deep touch pressure, a weighted blanket produces, the release of the two major feel-good hormones for your brain which is the dopamine and serotonin will increase. Both of those two chemical compounds are beneficial in the body since it will help to fight back the stress, depression and anxiety that both your body and mind feel. Simply put, it is entirely possible that you end up becoming happier and more satisfied in life with a weighted blanket helping you release those hormones.