The Main Stages of Chiropractic Care Adelaide

There are three stages of Chiropractic care. They go by different names, but the purpose of each is clear. The overall aim of chiropractic care is not just to eliminate pain but to also prevent it from coming back. Regular chiropractic checks keep the patient informed about which stage of care they need.

Initial intensive care

Most new patients are in the initial intensive care stage. If an ache, pain or other symptom has prompted them to seek chiropractic care, the first thing they want is to feel better. Patients attend the clinic frequently, depending on the severity of the problem, and treatment is aimed at providing immediate pain relief. Intensive care can last anything from a few days to several weeks.

Gentle adjustments are made on the spine to restore movement to the stiff and painful joints, as well as relieving irritation on the spinal nerves and muscles. Self-help advice is often given between visits, such as the use of ice to reduce inflammation or back supports to take the strain off sore joints and ligaments. Exercises are recommended because too much rest at this stage can also cause stiffness.

Rehabilitative care

Damage to muscle and other soft tissue often remain after original symptoms have improved. The chiropractor Adelaide focuses on stabilising and strengthening the spine now that the patient should be more comfortable. Patients who choose to terminate chiro care at this time are more likely to have the symptoms come back after several weeks, months, or even years. This can often be prevented with appropriate rehabilitation.

As patients do not need to be seen as frequently at this stage, a strict exercise regime is usually prescribed and other self-help tips. Physical activities lead to stronger and more flexible muscles, especially in the spine and upper body. The exercises that are the most efficient are sit-ups, trunk raises, squats and specific buttock and thigh training. It is also true that the benefits last only as long as the exercises are done. People who stop their exercises lose their improvements.

In the rehabilitation phase, which can last from a few weeks to several months, chiropractors can advise on ergonomics and lifestyle changes to avoid the daily postural stresses that could have contributed to the problem in the first place.

Maintenance care

Once the chiropractor is happy that the spine is functioning to the best of its ability, regular chiropractic appointments are often recommended to help preserve and maintain progress. The two reasons for this third and ongoing phase are:

* To keep all of the improvements in the spines function that have been achieved by the chiropractor. Patients who have suffered for a period may never be entirely free of symptoms. For these patients, regular adjustments keep them active and help prevent further physical deterioration. An example is people with severe arthritic changes who often find considerable relief from regular chiropractic appointments.

* To avoid recurrence in problems that have been relieved. If the first two phases of care are followed according to the chiropractor’s instructions, more than 90% of patients obtain lasting relief from pain.

How long you decide to benefit from a chiropractor Adelaide is, of course, always up to you. Many people make regular trips to their dentist because catching problems early avoids needless pain and expense later on. And so it is with chiropractic.