The Best Rubbish Dumps South Adelaide

We all can’t keep our rubbish forever. There will be times where all of that garbage you’ve been storing in your house will need to be disposed of. However, where will you dump them? There are some landfills here in South Adelaide. You can handpick which of them you will go and turn over your trash. But if you have no ideas where to go, here’s a short list of the most well-known rubbish dumps South Adelaide where you can throw your trash and even recycle them for some extra cash.

Lonsdale Waste & Recycling Depot

First on the list is Lonsdale, one of the most well-known dump centres in the city. Located in Donegal Road, they have the most accessible location among the bunch and also has the most competitive rates if you plant to turnover your junk. For more inquiries, call their hotline today. Lonsdale is open every day from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Welland Waste & Recycling Depot

Another well-known rubbish centre is Welland Waste, just two blocks ahead from Lonsdale at 158 Frederick Street. Tidy operations and fast recycling processes, Welland is one of the best when it comes to getting your junk out of your noses before you know it. Probably the only bad thing about it is that they don’t recycle gas bottles. But that’s not the end of the world.

Integrated Waste Services

The Integrated Waste Services Centre is a highly-industrialised dumpsite. It’s also one of the best rubbish dumps South Adelaide. It offers excellent customer service, as well as an efficient place to dump your green waste. They have an amazingly organised operation and throwing your rubbish there require fast and easy. Many people from different cities come to the Integrated Waste Services Centre to throw their trash. Now that’s saying something.

Metro Waste

Metro waste is yet another well-known rubbish dump centre. It also offers excellent services and the team who manages it is highly efficient when it comes to taking care of their client’s wastes. They also offer great pricing and value for their services. The main highlight of Metro waste is that instead of you going to them, you can call their hotline and they’ll come to you to retrieve your trash. Now that’s a convenience to the next level.

There are many rubbish dumps South Adelaide centres, but these four, so far, are the best when it comes to superb servicing and competitive pricing. Reach out to them now and start throwing your trash the right way.