Offset Printers Adelaide: Benefits of Offset Printing

Offset printing is a lesser-known yet commonly used printing technique. It involves transferring inked text or images from a plate to a rubber blanket, and onto a printing surface. It works best when paired with the lithographic process – the repulsion of water and oil. The offset technique commonly employs a flat image carrier on which the to-be-printed image gets its ink from ink rollers. The non-printing area, on the other hand, attracts a water-based film, which keeps the non-printing areas ink-free. That makes offset printers Adelaide one of the most popular printers in the corporate world. Here are the advantages of offset printing that most businesses are taking advantage of:

Consistently High Image Quality

Offset printing is known for producing shart and clean images. It also types a lot easier than, for instance, letterpress printers. The reason is that the rubber blanket present in offset printers Adelaide conforms to the texture of the printing surface.

Quick and & Easy Printing

Offset printers are lighting fast when it comes to printing high-quality text and images on various surfaces and materials. They use an ample amount of ink. That way, the print will quickly dry up and seep through the material for a permanent-quality copy.

Longer Printing Plat Life – Since there’s no direct contact between the plat and the printing surface, the printing plate will last longer compared to other printer variants. Offset printer plates that are well-developed uses optimised fountain and ink solution to achieve lengths of over a million impressions.

Cost-effective Printing Solution

Of all the methods of printing available, offset printing is among the cheapest and most profitable. Despite its low cost, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the print. It can print on a large scale of commercial printing quantities, which is very cost-efficient since you won’t have to spend much to get quality prints.

Easy Process & Operation

Finally, offset printers Adelaide is also very easy to operate. It uses similar functions to other regular printers. However, the main difference is the quality of print that it produces. Offset printers can print massive amounts of images or text in a rather fast pace.

Switch to Offset Printing Today!

Offset printing is one of the most effective ways of printing almost anything! If you want fast and efficient printing to help you with your daily business operations, go for offset printing today! You’ll never have to regret your decision.