Different Types of Drafting Services

Architectural drafting services have aided in creating many views in which you can look at the same property. An architectural draft is a technical drawing that represents all features of construction. Architectural drafting services Adelaide can be done manually or using a computer-aided system. In the past, architects made drawings by hand. The process involved measuring every feature and drawing them to scale using set squares, T-squares and compasses on a drawing table. This whole process required lots of time, effort and keen attention to details. The final product was used to direct the actual construction.



Presently, advanced technology has led to the creation of computer programs that aid in drafting architectural designs. This digitisation has made the process more comfortable and less time-consuming. Computers have also made architectural drafting services accessible to a larger population regardless of their social status. However, even with advanced technology, traditional designs have continued to be used.


Architectural drafting services Adelaide can be simple, detailed or complicated. There are several types of architectural drafting, and these include:


Site Plans


A site plan conveys a set of buildings as related to one another. It can also show surrounding streets and landscapes. It enables viewers to understand the surrounding features and how they influence one another. Site plans are favourable to multi-developers.


Floor Plans


It is the most basic type of architectural drawing. It resembles a map showing space arrangement of a particular structure, which gives you a look through the property as it, is real.


Cross Section


A cross-section shows both the exterior and interior of a structure which enables you to know how the two relate. It also helps you arrange the different floors and rooms.




It is one of the most famous architectural drafting services Adelaide. It is a view of a structure from a certain angle which gets named with the direction it faces. It enables investors to form a face of the building which they can easily recall.


Architectural drafts make presentations lively and promote marketing through a visual representation of structures. You may want to engage a drafting company to provide you with drafting services. A drafting company translates sketches and calculations into comprehensive plans and drawings.

There are factors you should consider before hiring professional drafting services Adelaide. You should look for the most professional company, which produces a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). You should as well ensure that the company you’re choosing follows the set building standards and codes, displays a good image, and provides excellent customer service. You should engage a company that provides details of both the building and landscape. You should also consider the type of evacuation plan and sewage system to install for your building. You need to hire an appropriate company. You should consider the factors above as well as their price and reliability.