Tips for Planning Your Route for a Bike Tour

Are you planning a bicycle tour soon? The thought of it brings much excitement on its own, but the first thing every beginner must acknowledge is that planning takes a lot of time and effort. It is not like you wake up one morning, grab your bike, and traverse through unchartered roads. Yes, the prospect of it becoming the most memorable adventure in your life is there, but you of all people should know better, that for this endeavour to succeed, you need some serious planning.

Well, planning usually starts with figuring out the best cycle touring routes. In the past, doing this was quite challenging, but thanks to the internet, there is readily available information as to which ideal places to go for a bike tour. The truth is there is no strict set of rules when it comes to identifying and planning a route, but it sure helps if you get some tips from the pros:

  1. First, get ahold of the best maps.

If possible, look for those highly detailed maps that give you information about the surface to which you expect to cross. You want to learn more about the presence of back roads and the type of terrain. If you plan on going to remote countries, it may take some more effort to find highly detailed maps, but that is part of the challenge, right?

  1. Create an outline way ahead of time.

Even if you already have figured out the best cycling touring routes, it still makes perfect sense to mark them out on your map. Creating an outline is essential for someone who has never experienced a bike tour before. It is relatively easy since you only need to research those routes over the web and then make specific notes on the map. Do not forget to study about attractions and campgrounds since you obviously need to rest and find an ideal place to spend the night.

  1. It is safer and more fun to ride through smaller roads.

Ask every experienced cycling tour enthusiast you can find, and they will tell you the same thing. Smaller roads always better compared to main routes. Yes, you expect them to be rougher with more potholes along the way, but the one advantage you get is minimal traffic. You also find ideal picnic spots and camping hideaways on those small roads.

  1. Put in the effort in learning to read a map like an expert navigator.

One of the essential skills you must learn before you take on a bike tour for the first time is map reading. You never will get lost if you know how to read your map. For the most part, this task is challenging, but it is something you can quickly learn if you are serious about this exciting adventure.