The Value of Stump Removal in Cutting a Tree

You add trees to your property since they are proven to improve its beauty and aesthetic value. Trees also have practical functions like giving you fresh air, protection against the sun and the weather, and refuge for animals. Nonetheless, there eventually will come a time when you need to remove a tree in your garden or backyard. Some of the common reasons for tree stump removal Sydney are when it gets damaged from a storm when it is already dead or diseased if it poses a danger to people, or when it becomes a hindrance or obstruction to a landscaping project.

Whatever the reason, when the time comes you must remove a tree on your property, be reminded that cutting it is only half the job. You also must remove the stump that usually gets left behind. For some reason, some property owners choose not to remove the stump. However, the truth is there are valid arguments in favour of removing the stump.

Well, it is hard to blame those people who choose not to remove the stump since the task isn’t only time-consuming but also tricky. Regardless of the age and size of the tree on your property, you expect that it already has a deep root system, which means removing it along with its roots underneath may be impossible without the right equipment and skills. It is why the best option available is to ask the same people you hired to cut the tree to perform tree stump removal Sydney as well.

You must remove a stump for the following reasons:

  1. The stump is a potential health hazard. So, if you remove it, you are also eliminating that hazard, which usually comes in the form of a pest infestation. If you do not know it yet, the presence of a stump near your property is something pests like carpenter ants, beetles, and termites love since they make a home or food out of the decaying wood.
  2. Stump grinding means getting rid of a tripping hazard. Aside from the potential health issues involving the stump, you must likewise understand that it could lead to injury and damage to property being a tripping hazard. Kids and pets playing outside might trip on it and get injured in the process, while a lawn mower might not see the stump due to thick grass or vegetation will end up getting damaged.
  3. You remove the stump so that you can use the space it occupies. While you initially believe that the stump is harmless, the truth is it also does not have any use. If you remove it, you can then think of many things to use that space for improving your outdoor area.

The next time you plan on cutting and removing a tree on your property, do not forget to include the stump.