Does Your Roller Door Require Repair? A Look at the Signs

The garage roller door is one of the most abused components of your home. However, it is not surprising considering that you use it daily. While designed to be durable and resilient, you also cannot deny that the roller door needs your attention and care in the form of regular maintenance and inspection. It is the same as other mechanical components and systems in a way that it eventually will fail if there is no proper monitoring of the condition and maintenance.

Roller Door Repairs AdelaideWhen the time comes that you no longer can use your garage door because you failed to recognise that there is a problem with it, you could end up having to pay for a considerable expense in replacing it. To prevent that from happening, it is imperative that you learn about the signs that point to garage roller door repairs Adelaide. Keep in mind that you are not fixing yourself. Instead, you should know when to tell if a repair is due so that you can call the experts to address it sooner than later.

1 – The door no longer opens or closes.

When the garage door no longer opens or closes, it means the roller mechanism has a problem. There are more than a couple of possible causes, including a bad connection between the door and the control panel, as well as a total door malfunction. Before you call an expert to see what the problem is, be sure you test the roller door and find out if nothing is blocking or preventing it from closing.

2 – There is slow response time.

If your garage door has a prolonged response time, it is another sign that a repair is in order. Before calling an expert though, you first must observe how long does it take for it to respond to the commands like opening or closing. Typical garage roller doors will open and close in under two seconds once you press the opener. See to it that there are no delays or hitch. If there is any delay, it is a sign that something needs fixing in the door or the opener. At this point, it makes sense to tap the services of professional roller door repairs Adelaide.

3 –You notice that some sections are sagging.

As a responsible property owner, you must know by now how crucial it is to check and test the balance of your roller doors once a month. The job requires you to disconnect the opener from the door and performing a manual operation. So, when you bring the door about midway and let it sit there, try to see if it does not go up or down. In case it does not remain in place, it suggests that there is something wrong with some parts of the roller door, usually the tension spring.

Be reminded that in all those cases mentioned above, you should not try fixing the issues on your own, unless you happen to be an expert in setting garage doors yourself.