Screen Or Cover – Which is The Best Gutter Guards?

If you’ve gone through the burden of having to deal with a disgustingly clogged gutter, you’d Gutter Guardspromise yourself not to deal with that type of problem ever again. That’s why most homeowners resort to having a gutter guard installed to help clogged gutters from reoccurring. However, before you even go to the hardware store, you’re immediately faced with another question: what type of gutter guard am I supposed to choose?


There are a plethora of gutter guards available on the market today, and all of these options can be overwhelming. There is a different style of gutter guards that you can choose. However, the most common types of gutter guards fall into two categories: screen and cover.


Screen and gutter guards are two of the most popular types of gutter guards that most people are using for their gutter systems. They have similar goals, which is to prevent unwanted debris buildup. However, the features of both these gutter guards are entirely different. If you want to get the best gutter guard for your home, make sure to check out Gutter Guards – for the best models. So what exactly are the distinction between a screen and a cover gutter guard?


Screen Gutter Guard


A screen gutter guard, also known as a gutter mesh, is placed directly on top of your gutters to keep it clean and clear from debris. This gutter guard system works to as a filter that separates debris on the roof from rainwater, preventing potential buildups and congestions.



Cover Gutter Guard


A cover gutter guard is more durable than a screen gutter guard. It serves as a miniature roof-like structure that’s installed above your gutters to protect it from unwanted debris from falling directly into it and creating potential congestion. It sits at a slanted angle so water can also slide off of the sides rather than directly to the drains. This control regulates the amount of rainwater that flows in your gutter system. Cover gutter guards are more sophisticated and can help keep out a wider variety of debris.


Which to Choose?


Both of these gutter guards are highly effective when it comes to preventing debris buildup and keeping your gutters clean and unobstructed. The decision will now fall to you on which gutter guard will serve you best. If you’re looking for more gutter guard options, make sure to visit Gutter Guards – They supply the best gutter guards in the country.