What to Know About Floor Polishing

Floor Polishing AdelaideHardwood floors offer you durability combined with a beautiful natural finish that brings that homely feel no matter the environment. When well-polished and new it is perhaps the most beautiful type of flooring, but keeping it lovely and shinning is a challenge,and even though regular maintenance helps, it is difficult to maintain the floor’s original appearance.

Over time, hardwood wooden floors can lose their gloss or shine, and sometimes the floor can appear ‘dull’ in comparison. As a result, it isn’t surprising that the most commonly asked question is how to restore this floor to its original state.

Two factors that should be considered are the condition of the floor and what has been previously applied to it. Wood is durable but stains easily if not well protected. Spillages such as wine and dirt from shoes can scratch and mark the timber, after which you will probably need to consider hiring a professional wood floor polishing Adelaide company for advice.

If your floor has a good seal, the change of appearance is probably due to a build-up of soil and bacteria over time and will only need surface cleaning and buffing. If there is no sealer or if the seal has worn out to the point that the wood floor is unprotected, then it is necessary to treat the floor as surface cleaning will still result in an uneven result.

If the floor is left without any protection, soiling can start to become ingrained in the wood – and it may require sanding, polishing and sealing to restore it to its former condition. A professional polishing company can assist in assessing the state of the floor and recommend the best solution.

Once the hardwood floor has been restored and polished, there are several ways to keep it clean and protected. Be careful when moving heavy furniture, and put a mat at the entrance. Around 80% of grit and dust which damage floors are carried in people’s shoes. Also, be sure to clean any spillage immediately to avoid permanent stains.

As seen above, there are several things you can do to recondition your hardwood floor and among them is hiring a professional floor polishing Adelaide. When you hirewood polishing services, be sure toresearch as not all companies out there can be trusted. Some are there to make money from unsuspecting clients,and you should avoid them. The easiest way to find a reliable floor polishing company is to talk to people who have had their floor reconditioned recently. You can as well check online as many polishing companies have an online presence where you can learn what they do and how they charge.