Signs You May Need to Call a Pest Control Company

With the help of YouTube and Google, homeowners like you can conveniently do home improvement and repair projects without the help of a professional. It is true that some tasks like a door repair, roofing shingle replacement, or a bedroom repaint that you can perform and be successful. However, there also are those things you never should do on your own. One of them is pest control.

As much as you dislike to admit it, your home will eventually get infested by different pests, including but not limited to termites, roaches, rats, and rodents. When you notice that there already is an unusual number of pests you see in your basement, walls, and the floor, it means you must consider tapping the services of a detailed pest control company. Why hire a pest exterminator or control pro when you can do it on your own? Well, the experts make a living out of making homes like yours safe from pest infestation and eventual damage. But before you make that call, you first must learn of the signs.


Sign 1 – There already is damage to your property.

Although not all pests bring considerable risk to your home, we can’t erase the fact that they tend to leave marks in the form of gnawed furniture, torn fabrics and wiring. Thus, it makes sense to hire a professional pest control company to prevent this low-level damage from becoming a huge one.



Sign 2 – You notice droppings and urine.

Waste, especially in the case of rodents is the most common sign of pest infestation. If you frequently notice small, raisin shaped droppings close to your food storages – those are mouse droppings. There are active mice or rats in your home!


Sign 3 – You hear nocturnal noises.

If you often hear movements inside the walls of your home, probably rodents are living in there. They are usually active at night. When you notice them, call a pest controller to prevent them to control and eventually eliminate them. Aside from that, the damage might be coming from termites or carpenter ants which also needs an immediate action plan. Let the experts find out what has invaded your property!


Sign 4 – Your doors and window handles seem sticky.

Most people think that issues like having stiff door frames are a sign of some structural problems. You need to consider if the real culprit is termite activity in your homes. The warping of your frames is due to the moisture termites produces when they are tunnelling through the wood. Thus, if you notice this, check the other parts of your house if it is also affected by termite. You need to call a professional pest’s controller to take care of it!


Any of those signs point to the need to call and tap the services of a detailed pest control expert.